The Adventist Church Unions in Ghana have joined the debate about the anti-LGBT bill with a call for the passage of the bill into law.

In a statement signed by the President of the Church, Pastor Dr. Thomas Techie Ocran, the Church argued that homosexuality is a perversion of nature and a sin which demands salvation of the practitioners.

According to the statement issued by the Church, the Bible is the moral compass for their stance on all issues of life, hence given the fact that the Bible frowns on the practice of homosexuality, they cannot sympathise with the practice of LGBTQ+ in Ghana.

They therefore affirmed their support for the passage of the bill into law and called on all well-meaning Ghanaians to rally behind the bill, which has currently been tabled before Parliament for deliberation and approval.

The Church however indicated that, even though homosexuality and its attendant practices are in clear violation of God’s will, redemption can be sought for those who engage in such practices.

“On the issue of homosexuality, the Adventist Church upholds the Biblical view that homosexuality in all of its manifestations is a perversion of the natural order of human sexuality. It is a sin, and as all other sins, those who practice it must be saved.

“Our Lord Jesus Christ died to save sinners from their sins, and we believe that the blood of Jesus has the power to save and free all from their perverted desires and affections. So while this sin is abhorrent and abominable, the sinner is not beyond redemption”, the statement emphasized.

The blood of Jesus can save homosexuals; SDA Church argues as it backs anti-LGBTQ+ bill

The decision by the Adventist Church to back the anti-gay bill adds to the number of notable Christian denominations in Ghana which have expressed solidarity with the bill.

Despite the huge support for the passage of the bill by the Christian community, some academicians and industry professionals have also raised concerns about the tone of the bill, describing it as hostile and discriminatory.

For them, citizens should be afforded the liberty to explore their sexual preferences without any impediments and heckling.

The Anglican Church, the Methodist Church and the Catholic Church are some of the leading orthodox denominations which are against the practice of LGBTQ+ in Ghana.  

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