All too soon, we have come to the end of a jam-packed World Athletics Championships. Over 10 days in Eugene, Oregon, fans have been treated to great physical feats and amazing records. Here are a few key numbers:

  1. USA won 33 medals. No nation has won more at a single Championship.
  2. Ethiopia were top of the medal table for Africa, with 10 medals in all. In fact, Ethiopia were second overall, behind USA. Also with 10 medals, but less gold, Kenya came second in Africa (4th overall), Nigeria follow with two medals to place third in Africa (13th overall).
  3. The United States has now won eight of the past nine world titles in the 4x400m and eight of the past 10 Olympic golds. Even when Jamaica threatened them briefly in the great Usain Bolt era, the USA were untouchable in this event.

In total we saw THREE new WORLD records at the Games:

  • Nigeria’s Tobi Amusan overcame the 100m hurdles semifinal in 12.12s to get a new world record
  • Swedish 22-year-old Mondo Duplantis took pole vault gold by raising his own global bar to 6.21 meters.
  • USA’s Sydney McLaughlin run an incredible 50.68s in the Women’s 400 meters hurdles.

Small side note: each world record attracts a bonus of $100,000 from World Athletics, as can be seen from the main image of the article.

Also of note is that THIRTEEN new championship records were set. (A world record is the best feat worldwide across all championships; while a championship record is the best feat set for a particular competition).

  • Despite a creditable fifth-place finish in the 4x100m relay, Team Ghana come home with no medals. Regardless, it has been an improved showing from recent years, as shocking as that may sound. There is a widespread belief that with consistent investment, there is better to come.

The next World Athletics Championships will be held in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, in August 2023.