The Multimedia Group has rewarded the efforts of some deserving team members at this year’s edition of the People’s Choice Awards.

The awardees were honoured at the Group’s annual prayer and thanksgiving service, which was held at the Prophetic Sanctuary of the Victory Bible Church International (VBCI), Kokomlemle, on Friday, January 28.

As a peer-review scheme, the People’s Choice Awards, allows team members to vote for their deserving colleagues, who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to duty, during the period under review.

In all, ten distinguished team members were recognised for their remarkable strides during the 2021 calendar year.

Commenting on the awards, Chief Human Resources Officer, Nana Mbroh Elegba, intimated that the People’s Choice Awards is designed to recognise the toil of deserving team members and encourage hardwork within the Group.

Find the list of the awardees for the People’s Choice Awards 2021

Accra Business Units 

1.  Administration – Appau Edward Nana Yaw

2. Finance – Tawiah Tetteh Michael

3.  Sales and Events – Akuffo Kwatia Ernest

4.  Adom Brand (News) – Kyeraa Sarah Benedicta

5.  Adom Brands (Programmes) – Yeboah Tima Cynthia and Obed Osei Marfo

6.  Joy Brands (News) – De-Souza Seyram Abla

7.  Joy Brands (Programmes) – Doku Marilyn Naa Adjele and Mubarak Haruna

8. Technical – Joseph Sackey

9.  Technology – Damoah Yaw

10. Post Production – Otoo Emmanuel

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