Independent candidate for the Asokwa constituency and former Constituency Organiser for the NPP, Eric Osei has relayed that the people of Asokwa constituency urged him to contest in order to save the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and bring development to the constituency.

Speaking on JoyFMs Newsnight, Mr Osei said that the rationale for contesting in the Asokwa constituency was because a fair contest was not permitted in the parliamentary primaries.

“MP for Asokwa constituency, Patricia Appiagyei did not allow a fair contest and that is the main reason I am contesting the seat”

“There were no elections in Asokwa because she went unopposed. The MP tried to influence the authorities and they allowed her to go unopposed. “

Mr Osei relayed to JoyFM that he did not contest in the primaries. However, he supported Dr Nana Yaw Boakye who intended to contest the incumbent MP.

He added that the process they had to undergo did not permit anyone to contest Madam Appiagyei Patricia.

According to Mr Osei, the current MP’s inability to perform in the constituency was a factor in his decision to contest in the race.

“The constituency came to me that I should contest for the seat so that I can save the party.

“The people said if no one contests in the name of the NPP, they would not show up to vote.”

He added that the masses in Asokwa appealed to him because they are rooting for change and believes this will not cause a split in the NPP vote for the opposing parties to capitalise on.

Mr Osei Eric relayed that he still considers himself a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) although he has decided to contest as an independent candidate for the Asokwa constituency seat.

Addressing the statement by the President with regards to NPP party members who are contesting as independent candidates, Mr Osei stated that he has not been called by the President.