Oddly Enough

The world’s longest finger nails

A Las Vegas woman has won the Guinness World Record for having the longest finger nails in the world.

Chris Walton, 45, hasn’t clipped her finger nails in 18 years, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Her nails measure a total of 19ft 9ins – 10ft 2in on her left hand and 9ft 7in on her right.

She does her own makeup and household chores despite the challenges posed by her extremely long nails.

“I hate all the cleaning, but I do it. And the makeup, I only wear so much,” said Ms Walton, who is a professional singer.

One daily activity that does prove difficult is getting change out of her pocket, she said.

But she uses her knuckles to text on a mobile phone.

Now that she has won the record she plans to get rid of the nails, but will have to do it slowly because: “I’m so used to having nails I’d be running into walls and doors.”

Guinness spokesman Stuart Claxton said Ms Walton was a “unique beauty”.

The previous recordholder was Lee Redmond, of Salt Lake City, whose nails measured a total of 28 feet until she lost them in a 2009 car crash.