Member of the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) legal team, Gary Nimako says concerns that Kissi Agyebeng is not of age enough to take up the job of Special Prosecutor is unfounded.

Speaking on Newsnight, the legal practitioner stated that when reviewing and passing the law for the establishment of the Special Prosecutor’s office, there were no stipulations that outlined the age requirement for the position.

Thus, Mr Agyebeng should be rather judged based on his competence adding that arguments about the 45-year-old’s qualifications should be situated within the confines of the law.

“If you look at the office there is a clear guideline as to the qualification criteria, I have not seen in the law that you must be 50, 55 or 45 years before you are qualified to be in the position. So the question about age, with all respect to Hon Fuseini is neither here nor there. Because he was in parliament when the law was being passed and no age was put in the law, so the issue about age to me is a no starter.”

His comment comes after former Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Inusah Fuseini said the Attorney General’s nominee for the Special Prosecutor position is too young to fight against corruption. 

Gary Nimako stated that it is commendable that a young person like Mr Kissi Agyebeng has been chosen adding that this action should be praised by all.

The legal practitioner explained that the office of the Special Prosecutor is not synonymous with the persona of the person but the work they put in while in the office.

Hence, Mr Kissi Agyebeng should be given the chance to showcase his ability to fight corruption as the Special Prosecutor, he added.

“The issue about public advocacy is not the same as being given the work to do and the result you produce while you are given the work. You see the number of statements that we all saw from Martin Amidu prior to the appointment and the work he did when he was given the position is there for all to judge. Lets allow Mr Kissi Agyebeng to go to vetting. Let’s allow him, if parliament approves, to take the office and let’s judge him by the work he does.”

Inusah Fuseini had argued that the Special Prosecutor’s position is a risky job that needs someone who is further advanced in life to resist any form of temptations it comes with.

He explained this is due to how complicated the fight against corruption is.

“Did the President search well enough and not found a worthy replacement for Martin Amidu other than Kissi Agyebeng? Why did the President settle on Agyebeng, when Agyebeng after seven years will be around 50 years?” the former MP asked.

However, Mr Nimako believes that with about 20 years of experience as a lawyer, Mr Agyebeng can adequately handle the position.

He stated that Mr Agyebeng should be given the chance to face parliament and subsequently be judged based on the work he does as the Special Prosecutor if approved.

“What I expect to be done is that by God willing he passes the parliamentary approval, and builds a very solid formidable office of special prosecutor, made up of experienced prosecutors who will be there.”

Meanwhile, Anti-Graft campaigner, Edem Senanu says the Attorney General’s nominee for the Special Prosecutor position, Kissi Agyebeng has no track record relevant to the said office.

Speaking to Benjamin Akakpo on JoyNews’ AM Show Tuesday, although the nominee has enormous experience in the legal field, his expertise does not reflect his ability to fight corruption in the country.

“Kissi Agyebeng is certainly a high achiever within the moot of things, it is clear that he does have expertise. The question of whether they are relevant expertise in anti-corruption and corruption matters is one that I am not quite certain at the moment.”

He said the office of the Special Prosecutor was set up to be occupied by someone who is politically neutral and can speak the truth without fear or favor.