Muslim clerics in the country have called on Muslims to register their marriages as it forms part of the tenets of Islam.

According to the Ashanti Regional Imam of Ahlussuna Wal-Jama’ah, Sheikh Dr Ismail Saeed Adam, registration and acquisition of marriage certificates are not innovation but on the path of the Islamic religion.

“Chapter 2 verse 282 of the Quran says, when you deal with each other, in transactions involving future obligations in a fixed period of time, reduce them to writing. Let a scribe write down faithfully as between the parties: let not the scribe refuse to write: as Allah Has taught him, so let him write. Let him who incurs the liability dictate, but let him fear His Lord Allah, and not diminish anything of what he owes.

“Sections of the verse which talks about liability say, if the party liable is mentally deficient, or weak, or unable Himself to dictate, let his guardian dictate faithfully, and get two witnesses, out of your own men and if there are not two men, then a man and two women, such as you choose, for witnesses, so that if one of them errs, the other can remind her. The witnesses should not refuse when they are called on for evidence.

“Disdain not to reduce to writing (your contract) for a future period, whether it be small or big: it is more just in the sight of Allah, more suitable as evidence, and more convenient to prevent doubts among yourselves, but if it is a transaction which you carry out on the spot among yourselves, there is no blame on you if you reduce it not to writing.

“When you are with a woman, she should be your wife and therefore it is necessary to register your marriage,” Sheikh Dr Adam added.

The Deputy National Chief Imam Ahlussuna, Sheikh Mohammed Kamil Mohammed also added that every Muslim across the country can walk into their offices to pick up a form and register for the marriage certificate adding that, “Even if you had married for a long time, register it because it is Islamic”.

Sheikh Mohammed revealed that they (muslim clerics) have liaised with the courts to issue marriage certificates adding that “We started it at the national level but now our regional offices have started issuing marriage certificates.”

Islamic marriage is regarded as a social agreement and a statutory contract. The marriage contract is signed in the presence of an Islamic judge, Imam, or trusted elder with knowledge of Islamic laws.

The married couple must consent to the marriage, both orally and in writing. This is accomplished by formal proposal and acceptance of the marriage. A first wife is generally represented in contractual negotiations by a guardian who looks out for her best interests.

Nevertheless, the bride must also express her willingness to marry. The bride is entitled to a bridal gift (dowry) from the groom, which remains her own property as security in the marriage.

The gift is payable directly to the bride and remains her unique and permanent property. The bridal gift may consist of cash, jewellery, property or any other valuable asset. Full payment or an agreed-upon payment schedule is required when the contract is signed.

“Everything about a Muslim life should be put into writing,” he emphasised.

Sheikh Mohammed encourages Muslim ummah to take advantage of the situation and sign up. They expect to see future married couples with evidence of marriage in written form as required by the Islamic religion.