Tobinco, FDA rift: NPP man proposes way foward

A member of the  Communications team of the New Patriotic Party is demanding a new regulatory regime in which heads of companies found in breach of laws would be punished without necessarily destroying the reputation of the company.

Richard Asante Yeboah is disappointed with how successive governments always run down Ghanaian companies in the name of punitive measures  for one offence committed or another.

He was commenting on the ongoing feud between the Food and Drugs Board and Tobinco pharmacy on Asempa FM’s Ekosii sen programme, Friday.

FDA is accusing Tobinco of importing fake drugs into the country and has taken steps to lock warehouses belonging to the Pharmaceutical giants.

Tobinco has accused the regulator of attempting to tarnish its reputation.

The case has been referred to the courts, the presidency, and parliament for resolution.

Parliament's Committee on Health has taken a giant step towards resolving the matter.

Discussing the matter on Ekosii-Sen programme, the NPP Communications team member regretted how the case is being handled.

Richard Asante Yeboah said Ghana's history is replete with businesses owned by Ghanaians which have been allowed to go down the drain merely because they do not belong to one political party or the other.

He said even in Kufuor's regime there may be companies who suffered because they were suspected to owe allegiance to the NDC.

Those companies, he stressed are now flourishing under the NDC government but those suspected to be NPP are also suffering.

He said the country must rise above that above sub-culture.

Citing examples in US, China, he said there are many products which have been recalled from the market for one problem or the other because those products were deemed to be substandard.

He said when that happens, owners of those companies are penalized and sometimes prosecuted without bringing down the whole company.

He said if it was the case that Tobinco is liable for prosecution, the person responsible must be prosecuted without having to bring the whole company down.

That, he said should be the way forward for Ghana. He also criticized the practice in which bosses of regulators are demonised for taking one action or another.