Tomato farmers in Wa lament lack of market for produce

Farmers in the Wa municipality and other adjourning districts in the Upper West Region have are worried about the lack of market for their produce.

The past few weeks have seen markets in the Wa municipality flooded with the produce resulting in the drastic reduction of prices of the commodity.

JoyNews‘ Upper West Regional correspondent, Rafiq Salam reports that the locals are taking advantage of the drop in prices to stock up.

But the traders are not enthused about the impact the glut is having at their expense.

“Farmer will struggle then at the end of the day they will not get market for their products. The government should take the opportunity of establishing a factory that will capitalise on this to buy all the tomatoes,” one trader said.

According to them, there should be a factory to process the produce to prevent losses and also add value to it.

They also believe the move will encourage the youth to venture into agriculture.