Top corporate braid styles turning heads

A hairstyle can be done on the human scalp or worn as a wig.

Most corporate women usually struggle to get professional advice for appropriate braid hairstyle suitable for work.

This article will help corporate women with braid styles that make them stylishly beautiful and comfortable at work.

A) Cornrow Rasta

Cornroll rasta

This braid style adds class and elegance to every outfit, especially in the corporate world where looking good is as important as your reputation.

This style can be held up in diverse ways to make your work in the office and easy.

This style is particularly recommended for hot Summers.

To prevent dry and itchy scalp always remember to grease your scalp.

For longer wear of this style, a hair cap should be worn before sleeping.

B) Stitch cornrow braids

Stitch cornroll

Very uniquely designed art of braiding that makes any woman stand out Among others, Stitch Cornrow braids are for every corporate woman who dares to look different — in a good way.

If your company is into face-to-face marketing this hairstyle can make you and your colleagues look presentable. Don’t you agree with me?. 

C) Goddess box braids

Goddess box braids

Box braids are the favourite for many but this style is great to show off curl definition and versatility.

Usually held up in a pony, it enables you to both enjoy your work and other fun (non-corporate) events.

As a corporate woman, your looks should speak volumes about your personality and this hairstyle helps to achieve that.

D) Cornrow Braids

Cornroll braids

Usually, this type of hairstyle has a very broad description because of the various styles available. But you can never go wrong with a professional cornrow braids style.

Especially when you work in a large company where fashion sense is required. And it matches with every outfit. All you need is a professional stylist and an imaginative mind.

You can create something extremely awesome from simple braid plaits and you will no doubt be the centre of attention.

Take your time and have some fun.

Look like a true African queen in your braided look.

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