Gasmilla is the voice behind 2015’s most popular song in Ghana. His megahit “Telemo” was the reason for many dancing feet in the country and beyond. His other hits include “Aboodatoi” and “3 Points”.

When Odartei Lamptey (birth name) is not busy in studio making another hit song, one of his interests is sports; evident in the video for “3 points” which is inspired by football. So in the first edition of Touchline in 2016, we talk sports with the ‘international fisherman.’

The Touchline panel also delves into the big news of the week; the sacking of Real Madrid coach Rafa Benitez. With his replacement; club legend Zidane, ready for his first game in charge this weekend against Deportivo, was the Rafa’s sacking justified? Is Zizou the best placement?

The panel will debate these questions along with a look ahead to the major action across Europe (including FA Cup matches in England) in this week’s edition of Touchline.

Starting next Friday, Touchline will now be available on Joy News channel at 6:30 to 7:00 PM.

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