Trade Ministry insists it will go ahead with the Ghana Conformity Assessment Programme, G-CAP despite resistance from businesses.

The program with is being championed by the Ghana Standards Authority, will result in goods imported into the country being subjected to strict inspection at their original destination.

G-CAP is intended to curb the importation of sub-standard goods into the country. The initiative was to be introduced last year but was suspended due to stiff opposition from stakeholders.

Deputy Trade Minister, Kweku Rickets Hagan, however says the Ministry has concluded the necessary engagements and the program will take off soon.

He insisted that the Ministry had taken note of all concerns and that proper consultation and education had been conducted.

“Now all these things have been looked at and I know that very soon it will happen and will happen in earnest.

When asked about the concerns of businesses which use the ports about double taxation, Mr Hagan explained that a team has been put in place to look into any complications and difficulties that may arise.

“All the concerns that people have raised about double taxation and double expenses will be addressed,” he said, adding that “It doesn’t make sense for us to be duplicating things that have already been done”.

Importers, however, argue that if Government goes ahead the program it will lead to the collapse of more businesses and industries in the country.

Speaking on behalf of Importers and Exporters, John  Awuni was adamant that no good would come of the G-CAP.

The G-CAP, he said, will be a major cost to businesses and has already been proven detrimental in other countries. .

He described the G-CAP as a “great danger” and added that “the Ministry of Trade must not accede to the pressure from the Ghana Standards Authority which is looking at ways of raising revenue against the interest of the business community”.

He was of the opinion that the private sector is the engine of growth in any economy but that as it stands now, Ghana does not currently support the necessary factors which would promote good business.