Tunisian protesters marching to parliament blocked

Tunisian police have blocked the path of hundreds of protesters who were trying to reach the parliament building in the capital, Tunis.

It is the latest in a series of demonstrations that have been fuelled by frustration at the lack of jobs and spiralling prices.

More than 1,000 young protesters had been arrested during the previous protests – and many of those demonstrating on Tuesday were calling for their release.

As the marchers gathered, inside parliament Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi was trying to win approval for a major reshuffle of his cabinet.

In his address to parliament’s opening session he warned that political stability was essential to end the current crisis facing the country.

Tunisia is in the midst of a severe economic downturn and its ailing public health sector is also under pressure from soaring numbers of Covid-19 infections.

The recent unrest began on the 10th anniversary of the Tunisian revolution, which ushered in democracy and triggered the Arab Spring uprisings across the region.