Vice-Chancellors of the Technical Universities of Ghana (VCTU-G) are optimistic that a meeting between government and Technical University Teachers Association of Ghana (TUTAG) and Technical Universities Administrators Association of Ghana (TUAAG) on improving conditions of service will yield positive results.

The meeting is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, October 22.

President of the Association Rev. Professor John Eshun in an interview with Joy News said he was hopeful that the government will give in to the demands of the lecturers when both parties meet and dialogue. 

“I believe since they’re still negotiating and communication has not broken down, I believe they can still resume”, Prof. John Eshun stated.

He also emphasised the need for TUTAG and TUAAG to call off their strike and return to the classroom as their absence is taking a toll on academic activities.

”Students have not been attending lectures for almost three weeks now and it is having a lot of tow on them.

“That is why we are appealing to the lecturers to come back to lecture theatre while they still negotiate with the government,” he added.

TUTAG and TUAAG declared a sit-down strike on Tuesday, October 7, 2019, over poor conditions of service following the conversion of Polytechnics to Technical Universities.

While a plea has been sent to both associations by Vice-Chancellors of the Technical Universities of Ghana, TUTAG has said the appeal will yield no results because according to the President of TUTAG Solomon Keelson, “appealing to someone doesn’t mean you solved the problem”.

Both teacher associations say that until government meets their demand, Technical University students will still remain out of class.