The University of Education, Winneba (UEW), has dismissed a Nigerian professor after its internal disciplinary process found him culpable of gross misconduct.  

Professor Augustine Uzoma Nwagbara, who had been on a sabbatical at the University’s Applied Linguistics since October 2018, made the headlines after calling on his countrymen to act against Ghanaians badmouthing of Nigerians. 

In a viral video, the academic said Nigerians should react in the wake of reports of crimes and kidnapping against them by withdrawing their manpower and financial investment to Ghana.

Beyond the many provocative statements, the one-time visiting professor to the University of Ghana (UG) from 2011/12, also launched into a tirade against universities in the country in general and UG in particular.

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Disassociating itself from the “grossly irresponsible comment,” UEW said, “it has taken a serious view of the video circulating on social media,” condemning it in no uncertain terms. 

It said after subjecting Prof. Augustine Nwagbara “to internal disciplinary process finds him culpable of gross misconduct and has accordingly dismissed him. 

The University of Education, Winneba apologised to Ghanaians "for Prof. Nwagbara's disparaging remarks about this country's educational system and further indicates that the comments were full of inaccuracies".

Below is the statement from the university