A student of the University of Ghana has shared a story about how she strangely blacked out on her way to Okponglo, a suburb of Accra on Friday.

Later when Akua Dinero regained consciousness, she found that her ¢5000 was missing, she claimed.

Recounting the incident on Twitter, she said, “On Friday, September 27, I made my way to Okponglo to send money to someone at the commercial bank [GCB Bank] at Legon first. I took a dropping taxi from my hall and got out from the little station above Okponglo.” 

“As I walked down towards the people trying to cross the road I lost all memory I forgot everything. I don’t know what happened in the next hour. In fact, I have little recollection of my entire Saturday.

“I woke up on Sunday not sure what had happened only to see messages and calls from my family and the people I was supposed to send the money to and the actual money, missing,” she posted.

She added that “I don’t recall giving the money to anyone or anything else actually, like I dunno how I got back to my room or how I slept so much. I just feel a strange sensation any time I try to retrace my steps back to that Friday morning.”

Other people commenting on the thread also recounted similar experiences like hers that either happened to them or someone they know.

Dinero ended her narration with advise to the public saying, “I hope this will create some awareness. Let’s just be safe out there guys.”

Confirming the occurrence to JoyNews, she said she has seen a general practitioner.

Read her account and some of the reactions below: