The University of Ghana Business School in collaboration with Rock City hotel has commissioned a refurbished modern ICT lounge to ease the burden of students.

According to the Dean of the University of Ghana Business School, Prof. Justice Bawole, the facility will help students acquire digital skills in an era of COVID-19 where teaching and learning has been moved online. 

“Here in the business school, we strive to give our students the best of training. And so we currently have a number of projects that are ongoing, but you’ll agree with me that there’s no initiative in education now that will not include giving students the best of experience in the digital space.”

“So what we have sort to do is to create an ambience that allow our students to not only acquire digital skills but also to do it in the best of environment. When COVID-19 came, we had to move our teaching online. There are quite significant number of students who do not have a smart phone, let alone a laptop. So this facility has come at the right time”, he noted.

Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Professor Ebenezer Oduro Owusu commended the University of Ghana Business School for the provision of a modern information center lounge for undergraduate students.

 According to him, the ICT lounge will equip students with ready job market skills.

“Our students must get that level of exposure that they deserve. I’m happy we’re seeing this today. This is not what I want to see, actually, but this is the beginning of what I want to see. I want to see a computer lab, fully digitized that will take care of at least, a hundred student. That would ensure that our students remain competitive in the world market”, he stated.

On her part, Assistant General Manager of Rock City Hotel, Anita Boakye sponsors of the ICT lounge, said her outfit will continue to support institutions that require their assistance to help Ghana’s digital development agenda.

“We’re into hospitality and one of our goals of the hospitality industry is to promote the nation as a whole, put Ghana on the world map.”

“Sitting back, we thought, what better way to do this than through education. We decided to invest in the ICT lounge because as we all know, the pandemic issue worldwide, ICT has become critical in education. People hardly do face to face tutorials, lectures…we are moving to a world where we are focusing on computers and the use of computers to improve ourselves. So this is the reason we decided to invest in this project to push the development agenda of the country,” she noted.