Prof. Amankwah standing interacting with the minister and his delegation

The University of Mines and Technology (UMaT) has invented a new technology that is capable of cleaning water bodies polluted by activities of illegal mining, aka ‘galamsey’.

According to Vice-Chancellor, Professor Richard Kwasi Amankwah the environmentally friendly technology would be able to settle particles that pollute the water bodies within few months.

Mr Amankwah, demonstrated how the designed technology functions to officials of the Lands and Natural Resources Ministry.

Explaining how the chemicals are used to clean the water bodies, he said “we used about five different silicas additive A, additive P, additive Q and several others, three of them came out very strongly. So in our test we realised that when you have dirty water even at a mild level of about 500 ml, just add small quantities of these chemicals and that’s it.

“For additive A, you drop it and within five minutes all the suspended silts have dropped. For additive P, you have the same reaction though A happens to be stronger than P.Then we have additive Q which gives some amount of settling but not good enough to the level where we want it so we realised that by using additive A and P to a large extent we can get a good job done in settling the suspended silt.”

After the illustration, JoyNews’ Kwesi Parker-Wilson quizzed the Deputy Lands and Natural Resorces Minister nominee, Benito Owusu Bio on when the Ministry is likely to approve the technology for use in cleaning the water bodies.

In response, Mr Bio said the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Abu Jinapor has directed that the Ministry works closely with UMAT to bring finality to the new concept. It is expected that by the end of June this year, the new technology will be in use.