It is no coincidence that lawyers are “called to the bar”. This noble act is one with enormous leadership expectations.

Many who lead faith-based organisations are also said to be called. Liking the lawyer’s call to these faith-based practitioners gives a better appreciation of the lawyer’s role.

Critical to a faith-based practitioner’s career is an understanding of his/her gift and how he/she leverages same. Not all are Prophets, Teachers or General Preachers in the ministry. So is the legal profession. Understanding your gift (interest) influences what you make of your calling to the bar.

The legal profession is segmented broadly into private or public practice. Specifically, one could find him/herself in the field of academia, litigation, transactional/corporate or use his/her legal education to pursue other private interests.

Never late to be called without an appreciation of your gift (interest). Some just desperately wanted to be lawyers in fulfilment of personal dreams. Whichever the reasons were, it is imperative to pause, reflect and discovery this gift (interest) quickly.

A discovery of this gift (interest) will immensely help distinguish your contribution to this noble profession. Like the congregation, your clients (now & future) will have various needs. Some will come in search of the knowledge of the word, others will congregate for prophesies and miracles. If you lead in this call without a clear understanding of your gift, you may never serve any need.

When you discover your gift other than litigation with its courtroom theatrical legal drama sometimes, do not worry. The essence of the calling is never all about courtroom practice (the mistaken understanding of the lawyer’s job).

If you identify which part of this noble profession you have been called to serve in, never let the temptation(s) of the prosperity of others in their departments sway you to change course. Stay on track, be focus and discipline. Seek progress than perfection. One day, the dots will connect.

Understand your true calling. Leverage your gift & interest. Grow this noble profession (ministry). And make a lasting impact. 

Just like lawyers, it works for every profession to understand your gift or interest so you can better serve your customers or clients.


The writer, Richard Nunekpeku, is a lawyer and agribusiness entrepreneur.