An unemployed, accused of buying a two-month-old baby for GHC500.00 has been put before an Accra Circuit Court, charged with human trafficking.

Patience Gyan, 21, has denied the charge and the court presided over by Ms Sedina Agbemava granted her bail in the sum of GHC10,000 with three sureties.
Patience is to re-appear on December 5.

Prosecuting Detective Chief Inspector Samuel Sarkwah told the court that the complainant Ms Patience Acquah is a trader residing at Sowutuom in Accra, while the accused person resides at Kojokrom in the Western Region.

Prosecution said somewhere in February this year, the accused person got pregnant but in her fourth month had a miscarriage and later broke up with her boyfriend.

According to prosecution, Patience then left for Kojokrom in Sekondi, where she befriended another man. During her stay, accused person struck an acquaintance with the baby’s mother, who is an epileptic patient who had delivered a baby two months earlier.

Prosecution said the accused person feigned interest in caring for the baby because of the mother’s condition.

Prosecution said the accused further discussed with the complainant who is the aunty of the baby’s mother to take away the baby, but she registered her displeasure over the issue.

The complainant based on the advice of a medical doctor, took the baby to Sowutuom in Accra and in September this year, the accused person followed up to her house where she (the accused person) expressed interest in buying the toddler.

On November 4, this year, the accused person visited the complainant and at about 1930 hours, where she renewed her interest in buying the baby.

Prosecution said the complainant who had earlier on alerted the Police gave the baby to the accused person who promised to remit her on her next visit.

As soon as the accused person stepped out with the baby, the Police who had laid ambush nabbed her. The accused person then broke down in tears.


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