Very Reverend J.B. Danquah

A Methodist Minister has challenged the premier universities to show where their production units are located which enable them undertake research and manufacturing activities.

According to Very Reverend J. B. Danquah, production units are very important in every university environment as it enhances students’ innovative skills.

He says Universities such as Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), University of Cape Coast (UCC) and University of Ghana, Legon, are unable to manufacture a common vaccine despite the many Professors and Doctors in their pharmaceutical departments.

Very Reverend Danquah attributes the schools’ inability to come out with vaccines on the lack of production units on University campuses. 

He further noted “Many universities in Iraq, US and other countries are doing amazing things, why can’t our universities do same, I think Dr Adutwum (Education Minister) will have to do something about the curriculum.”

Reverend Danquah who was a Former Chaplain with the International Physicist Association believes such a step would save the nation a lot of money.

He said when the coronavirus plunged the nation, the Health Minister could have depended on these universities instead of going to other countries to purchase vaccines.

Reverend Danquah also questioned why US with a population of around 300 million could vaccinate about 200 million of its citizens and Ghana with just about 30 million people has not even vaccinated more than 2 million people.

He, therefore, called on the Education Minister to amend the curriculum to have students study more practical courses in their various fields especially science and engineering.

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