Some 43 assembly members and government appointees of the Upper Manya Krobo District Assembly have appealed to the President, Nana Akufo Addo to re-nominate the former District Chief Executive (DCE), Mr Felix Odjao Nartey as his representative for the people of Upper Manya.

A resolution signed by 43 members out of a total of a 48-member assembly and copied to the presidency said as representatives of their various electoral areas and communities, they have worked closely with the DCE and can confirm that he was hardworking, humble, a team player, and highly dedicated to duty. 

They stated that DCE during his first term of office, initiated and undertook a number of projects and programs which have improved many lives within the district. 

Touching on administration and governance, they outlined 10 projects initiated by Mr Felix Odjao, of which a large percentage has been completed, and the rest at various stages of completion.

“We can confidently boast of the rehabilitation of the dilapidated old assembly structure, the construction of staff toilet facility, repair of the many faulty assembly vehicles among others.”

On road infrastructure, they said the District which is surrounded by many villages has for the past years been confronted with a poor road network.

However, fixing the road network was one of the major priorities of the DCE and has since rehabilitated over 190 km roads leading to the farm-gates and communities, with some portions being asphalted. 

The assembly members also mentioned the construction of 10 km town roads in Asesewa, making their communities more accessible and motorable.

They reiterated that the DCE’s contribution to improving health, education, local economic, social development, water and sanitation, agriculture cannot be overstated.

The members said the majority of members in the assembly believe Mr Odjao Felix Nartey has been and continues to be an excellent representative and servant. Therefore maintaining him will propagate the president’s agenda of bringing development to the doorstep of the ordinary Ghanaian