A US-based Technology Company with a presence in Ghana, Cadana Pay has partnered with Raymond Smith to lead its Sales activities mainly client acquisition for its operations in Ghana.

Cadana Pay is an enterprise HR software that allows workers to access their earned wages on demand digitally instead of having to wait at the month to be paid with physical cash.

The company is based in New York City and has raised a pre-seed round from 500 startups and Better Tomorrow ventures.

He has huge success in the area of sales management in Ghana, over the years he has been a formidable media sales practitioners for brands such as Multimedia Group,(Joy99.7FM & Myjoyonline.com), Media Ghana Ltd – (Live91.9FM), EIB network (Starr103.5FM & Live91.9FM), Tonaton.com, Class Media Group (Class91.3FM) and also consults for many brands in media advertising.

Speaking about this partnership, Mr Smith who doubles as the founder of Africa Media Ad Sales Summit – AfriMASS noted that he is very elated on the partnership not just for himself but also the benefits companies stand to gain from this service by Cadana Inc.

He welcomed the partnership by saying: I always look for openings that will make both clients and end-users happy, this is one of those partnerships”.

He also mentioned that he knows that Cadana Pay with a mission of accelerating African businesses through digitization whether micro, small, and medium enterprises. Transition to digitally manage their operations will help enterprises to seamlessly manage workers benefits.

In explaining a bit more about CadanaPay, Sir Raymond Smith, said:

“Cadana Pay” can float at the beginning of every month, 75% of all employee salary into their Cadana Pay wallet using the software. Employees can now move or withdraw the money to Momo or bank on weekly basis for 3 weeks or at the end of the third week”.

He added that the employer only pays the remaining 25% of the salary left in the last week and repays the money Cadana Pay floated based on an agreed repayment schedule at no interest or cost to the employer.

Beyond that Cadana software also enables employers to process payroll faster to different channels; Mobile Money and bank, automate the filing of Taxes and Pensions, Pay Contractors and Supplies quicker.

Sir Raymond Smith used the opportunity to welcome the Canada Pay to Ghana and said that together with the Ghana reps of the company they are here to help cushion enterprises during these difficult times.

Cadana Pay is available now in Ghana therefore all employers of enterprises can reach out for a conversation on how to use the service. Visit cadanapay.com or email: brandtrendzgh@gmail.com