The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in Ghana is assisting in the rehabilitation of four existing gravel roads in the Kpando and Hohoe districts in the Volta Region to help boost farming and improve access of rural communities to markets and services.

The Millennium Development Authority will implement this $4.3 million project which is expected to be completed by July 2012.

In total, USAID/Ghana will fund the rehabilitation of 46 kilometers of four gravel roads: Dzigbe Junction-Dzigbe Tornu, Kpando-Alavanyo Kpeme, Aveti Tafi Atome-Logba Alakpeti and Tafi Atome-Vakpo Fu-Tafi Abuife. These feeder roads connect rural farming communities to the main trunk roads in the area, and will improve farmers’ access to markets, financial institutions, farm input suppliers, and other important community members active within the agricultural value chain.

The rehabilitated roads will provide greater connectivity between and within the districts, resulting in more timely deliveries and fresher farm produce which will allow rural farmers to be more competitive in local, regional and international markets.

Honorable Joe Gidisu, Minister of Roads, and Ms. Cheryl Anderson, USAID/Ghana Mission Director participated in the groundbreaking ceremony at Tafi-Atome on March 20, 2012.

In her remarks Ms. Anderson mentioned: “This strategic investment in farm to market access roads is one of the building blocks for achieving results under USAID’s objectives of reducing poverty and improving food security in Ghana. “

The benefits of the improved feeder road network will also spread across other districts.

Drivers and vehicle owners will experience reductions in vehicle operating and time costs resulting from improved surface conditions.

As transport services increase, travel becomes faster and more convenient, and women and girls can travel safely further from home.

The quality of rural health, education and other services are expected to improve with better accessibility as well.


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