General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Boadu, has urged supporters of Alan Kyeremanten’s bid for the flagbearership of the party, to use laid down procedures to seek redress if they feel disgruntled in any way.

Fans of the Minister of Trade and Industry, have claimed that members of the National Executive have been selective in the application of guidelines for campaigning regarding the presidential primaries.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Mr. Boadu encouraged the aggrieved supporters of Alan, “to take advantage of the express provision in the NPP Constitution and petition the National Complaint Committee instead of holding press conferences” to air their grievances.

His comment comes after some supporters of Mr. Kyeremanten accused the National Executive of giving undue advantage to some high ranking members of the party in the internal presidential contest.

Mr. Boadu criticised the conduct of the supporters of Alan, arguing that their conduct would bring about disunity in the party’s internal re-organisational effort.

The General Secretary stressed that the party is not unfairly enforcing its instituted regulation barring campaigning ahead of the party’s internal context.

“In view of recent agitations in some quarters regarding the enforcement of the code of conduct as it relates to the presidential primaries, the party wishes to emphasise that the code of conduct, which is only supplementary to the provisions of the NPP Constitution, expressly provides a clear procedure for handling alleged breaches,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the NPP has announced July 14 to 16 as dates to hold elections for national executives of the party.

The party also slated April 22 to 24 as dates for the conduct of constituency executive elections and May 20 to 22 for regional executive elections.

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