Dealers in used refrigerators are planning to hit the streets in protest if the government does not reconsider its ban on used fridges.

The Ghana Association of Importers and Sellers of Used Fridges says the ban has rendered over 100 thousand people jobless.

“The lives of members have never been the same. There is currently apprehension, frustration and betrayal,” said Henry Boadi, Secretary to the Association in the Ashanti region.

It’s been 10 years since the announcement of the ban on the importation of used refrigerators in Ghana.

The Montreal agreement prescribes a ban on the use of R12 gases which is harmful to the Earth’s ozone layer.

The standard and certified gases which are supposed to be used in the filling of refrigerators compressors are R600A and R134A.

The Association however says their goods bearing these standards are ceased at the ports.

“When our fridges are imported, they are deliberately ceased by customs officials at the port which is frustrating and has rendered most of our importers and sellers jobless,” Henry lamented.

The Association is also questioning the government’s commitment to establish a refrigeration assembly plant is in the country.

In 2012, a consultant was contracted by the Energy Commission to draw up a 5-year business plan for the establishment of a refrigerator assembly plant.

But this remains yet to be seen.

“What we are asking the government is if they are not able to honour their promises they should allow us to do our business,” the Secretary stated.