Final year students of some Universities in the country are appealing to the Managements of their respective schools to consider conducting the end of semester examinations online.

According to the students, this is due to challenges with accommodation.

They explained that their end-of-semester examination was supposed to commence on August 2, 2021, the day on which UTAG went on strike, and expected to vacate on August 13, 2021, therefore, they had not made any arrangements to continue being on campus after this date.

“So, we are only begging Management that if it will be possible, they should allow us to write the whole thing online because we can’t suffer the consequences of what UTAG has done.”

Speaking on JoyNews’ AM Show on Monday, the final year students indicated that about half of the student population are home as a result of the strike, hence, coming back to campus will only attract an unplanned cost.

The situation, they say is disturbing since they were renting outside the campus, and “some of us have to struggle and work even before getting food to eat.”

“Our landlords and landladies collected their keys from us, now the school Management is telling us to come back and write exams, where are we going to sleep, even the houses have been given out,” a student said.

UTAG embarked on strike to demand improved conditions of service. The lecturers wanted the government to implement a 2012 single spine salary agreement that pegged the salary of entry-level lecturers at $2,084.

But the Association suspended the action for a mandatory one-month period to continue negotiations with the government.

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