UTAG National President, Prof Solomon Nunoo

The National Labour Commission (NLC) has declared the strike by the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) as illegal.

According to the Commission, the Association did not follow the laid down procedures in declaring the strike.

UTAG embarked on the industrial action last Monday, citing government’s failure to adhere to a roadmap on conditions of service that both parties had agreed on.

At a marathon meeting on Thursday, which was attended by Employment Minister Ignatius Baffuor Awuah, Deputy Finance Minister Abena Osei Asare, Representative from Fair Wages and UTAG National Executives, the NLC however said UTAG’s concerns are genuine.

For this reason, NLC directed UTAG to sit with the employer to resolve the impasse.

UTAG National President Professor Solomon Nunoo, said UTAG disagrees with the NLC’s decision.

 “So this afternoon, we met the NLC to discuss our ongoing strike action, that is UTAG. So in the view of the panel that met us, it’s their considered opinion that the strike action is illegal but we thought otherwise, so as at now, we are going to meet our constituents.

“The concerns we raised, they believe that the concerns are legal, we have a case, but they believe that we should sit with our employer and talk a little more,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Finance Minister John Kumah has assured Ghanaians of government’s commitment to ensuring that the issues are resolved to ensure conducive academic atmosphere.

“We came to the Labour Commission to help us resolve an impasse between the government and University Teacher’s Association. The Commission has advised us on the way forward and we will revert to go and work and come back,” he said.

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