Dr Bartum Kulah, the man who accused actor Van Vicker of sleeping with his wife, has made a u-turn and rendered an unqualified apology to his wife and the actor for making false claims against them.

According to him, the allegations, which went viral, were “unguided” and a “misunderstanding of a genuine professional relationship” between his wife and the actor.

Last week, Dr Kulah, who is based in Atlanta, Georgia, alleged on social media that Van Vicker is having “physical” and “emotional affair” with his wife, Dr Ford-Kulah.

He said, “My wife will deny the accusations and claim to be Van Vicker's Manager and Business partner, that’s what she always says, it’s all a cover-up, and I’ve caught them at a hotel twice”.

His wife, Dr Ford-Kulah, in a statement, rubbished the allegations as baseless. She said the allegations by her husband are without merit.

According to her, her husband has security issues due to an accident that has interrupted his life.

“He has been harassing all of my male friends, including pastors, ministers, and deacons for years and I chose to ignore.”

Dr Kulah, in apology posted on Facebook, alleged that “the media misconstrued my statement and therefore misquoted me.”

Touching on his earlier threats that he has pictures to back his claims that his wife is having an affair with the actor, he said, “I have no evidence (pictures nor videos) to prove that Van Vicker is having an affair with my wife. It was an empty threat.”

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