With effect from today, there will be a mass transfer of 30,000 workers of decentralized departments in the civil service.

The Local Government Ministry has explained the mass transfer of civil service workers is in conformity with the new Local Government Laws and is designed to deepen decentralization in the country.

Ahead of the transfers, Vice-President John Dramani Mahama assured the about 30,000 workers drawn from 10 departments – which will cease to exist – that their conditions of service will not be varied to their disadvantage.

In fact he said the workers are likely to enjoy improved conditions of service in their new assignments.

Joy News’ Cyrus deGraft-Johnson who was at the event reports the Vice-President as maintaining that there was no need for the affected workers to be anxious.

The 30,000 workers will now work in the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies across the country.

Some of the departments being disbanded include the Social Welfare Department, the Department of Community Development, and the Ghana Library Board.

New departments have been created at the district assemblies to absorb the workers.

Source: Joy News/Ghana