The Busia family in collaboration with the Busia Foundation has organised a special church service in Accra to commemorate the 94th birthday of Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia, Prime Minister in the Second Republic.

Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama attended the service on the theme: “Proclaiming The Acceptable Year.”

Conspicuously missing however, were members and supporters of the ruling New Patriotic Party, who regard Dr. Busia as one of the pillars of their liberal democratic beliefs.

The handful of worshippers however, sang hymns and listened to Biblical texts, Dr Busia was associated with.

They were also exposed to “Dr Busia’s Inspiration,” “Commitment to Knowledge and Service,” “Perseverance in Reaching for the Promised Land,” “Sense of Responsibility in Governance” and “His Triumphant Faith” that eulogised his memory as former Prime Minister, whose Progress Party was overthrown by the defunct Supreme Military Council in 1972.

Dr. Abena Busia and Ms. Ama Busia, daughters of Dr. Busia threw light on the academic pedigree of the former Oxford scholar, whose intellectual qualifications, spanned anthropology and sociology.

Dr. Busia described her dad as the first African Professor at the University of Ghana, Legon, the first Director of the Centre for Civic Education and a former Rector at the Institute of Social Studies, in the Hague.

The Very Reverend Thomas Brown Forson, Superintendent Minister of the Calvary Methodist Church, described Dr. Busia as a man of prayer with a sense of perseverance and sacrifice.

He said he left a lasting legacy of vision, humility, peace and respect for his fellow being.


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