Government is demanding increased productivity from the public servants in return for better service conditions.

Vice President Kwasi Amissah-Arthur, addressing the 7th Conference of Public Service Chief Executives, Chief Directors and Chairpersons of Governing Boards in Kumasi, said there should be commensurate output to justify a raise.

He has therefore tasked heads of government institutions to fashion out measures to increase productivity in government agencies.

“The major responsibility is to ensure the adequate resourcing of the public sector organisations in man power, in logistics, and most importantly in remuneration. A combination of this will allow them to play their role effectively.”

According to him, significant results have occurred in the public sector remuneration since year 2010 and “we are now looking at the response that we have from the people who have benefitted from these.”

“While improving the remuneration, we have also sought to ensure parity in remuneration for public service employees adhering to the maxim that equal pay for work of equal value so we are demanding as a reciprocal gesture on behalf of the tax payer, a commensurate increase in productivity and performance from the public sector,” Vice President added.  

On her part, Chairman of the Public Services Commission has told Ghanaians to blame heads of public institutions for the hardships in the country, and not government.

Bridget Katsriku said it is baseless to march to the Flagstaff House when chief executives and directors of state agencies sit in the comfort of their offices.