TV personality and Lawyer, Sandra Ankobiah, has categorically stated that she never said she dated rapper, Paedae, also known as Omar Sterling.

News went viral last year that Sandra and Paedae had secretly dated for two years until the latter eventually disclosed their relationship during a radio interview on Live FM in 2015.

“We are very private people; myself and Mugeez. I mean this same person people are talking about, we’ve been kicking it for two years,” Paedae said.

The relationship was firmly grounded during the 2015 Celebrity Soccer Weekend games where Sandra made an appearance at the Lizzy Sports Complex to support Paedae and his ‘R2bees Team’.

She took her cheerleading a notch further by wearing a jersey with ‘Omar Sterling’ boldly written on the back.

Video: I never said I was dating Paedae - Sandra Ankobiah

But making an appearance on Viasat1’s flagship morning show, This Morning, for the first time since last December, Sandra denied dating Paedae.

Responding to a question from a viewer as to whether or not she was still dating Paedae, the fashionista said she never said she was dating the rapper in the first place. “

But did Sandra even say she was dating Paedae?” she quizzed, adding that people just assumed she was dating the rapper because of pictures they saw on the internet.

Asked whether they ever dated or were still dating, she said “I am happy”. She added though that she loves R2Bees and their music.

The break up 

In March this year, news broke again that Sandra and Paedae had called it quit.

A report on GHBase website claimed it was Sandra who called off the relationship. The report said: Our source, tells us that the relationship ended some few weeks ago and Sandra was the one who called it quits.

Our source did not disclose to us the main reason for the breakup but rumours, gathers is that, Sandra got pregnant in the relationship and wanted to get married as soon as possible before even giving birth but Paedae wasn’t ready for it.

It turns out that, Sandra was disappointed in Paedae and then asked for the breakup. We cannot tell if she’s still keeping the baby or not but another source disclosed to us that, she MIGHT have aborted the baby when she visited the UK recently with her bestie, Yvonne Okoro.




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