Creative Arts representatives' inability to ask questions at President Akufo-Addo’s media encounter appears to have formed the basis for practitioners to take on the sector Minister, questioning her competence.

Personalities such as Ola Michael and Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo have publicly vented their spleen on the Minister, Catherine Afeku, for what they say is her poor handling of the matters in the sector.

A number of these concerned industry players questioned her absence at the President’s encounter with the media and suggested that she was on a foreign trip to transact her personal businesses while the ministry lags behind.

Catherine Afeku has been described as a ‘travel freak’ who prides in embarking on excessive fun trips while the woes of the Creative Arts sector deepen.

However, in an interview with JoyNews’ Maxwell Amoofia, the Minister appears not offended by the criticisms.

“It is very healthy. It is a nation where we have freedom of speech. I actually welcome it. I am actually excited. That is actually part of the democracy,” she revealed.

The Creative Arts Minister explained that her frequent foreign trips are official trips meant to attract investments into the sector.

“If you don’t travel as a tourism minister, you don’t get to strike deals…We have some statutory travels like the United Nations Tourism Organization…Ghana out of 54 African countries is an executive member. Not every country is a member,” the Minister asserted.

Catherine Afeku urged entertainment journalists and all other players in the industry to speak out on issues bothering on the Creative Arts sector.

She charged them to use their platforms to ask more questions and welcomed criticisms that put her on her toes.

“Talk to people in the media to speak more. Get louder! Say it!… why are we not giving the space for arts, culture and tourism in Ghana? We should make more noise…shout more!” she stressed.

The Minister is expected to meet members within the Creative Arts sector soon to answer their questions.

Watch the video below: