The West Africa Network for Peace-building is joining its partners in the Africa Alliance for Peace-building (AfAP) to observe Wednesday’s elections in South Africa, a statement from WANEP released in Accra on Monday said.

AfAP will observe political intolerance and violence in KwaZulu-Natal province before, during and after the election.

It said observation and monitoring had been taking place at voting districts of the province plagued by violence and currently identified as “hot spots” for potential violence. Political violence has claimed some 20,000 lives in the province since 1984.

The statement said, ACCORD, a South African Kwa-Zulu-Natal-based NGO, which is a partner of WANEP in AfAP, has contributed towards creating a climate for peaceful, free and fair elections.

“As a result, ACCORD, in collaboration with its AfAP partners, the Nairobi Peace Initiative-Africa (NPI-Africa) and WANEP, have deployed an international team of African observers drawn from across the continent to observe the elections in KwaZulu Natal.”

WANEP said the observer mission was staffed by delegates from the continent, who were experts in the field of conflict resolution and peace-building.

It said the AfAP Election Observer Mission was observing and recording levels of intolerance and violence in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal over the period 18-24 April.

Source: GNA