The Minerals Commission has revealed that it is investigating alleged illegal mining in the Offin river.

The Commission said “ruthless action” will be taken after the investigations. 

It added it is focused on dealing with persons involved in illegal mining activities in the country. 

“The matter is being investigated and swift and ruthless action will be taken to deal with this and any other such illegal activities. Our resolve is resolute and total.”

The Commission thus reiterated its call to the media and the public that the fight against illegal mining should be a collective effort of all citizens.”

“In this regard, the Commission encourages all and sundry to support it by making available any information on illegal mining activities such as the video in circulation, and such leads will be acted upon with dispatch and integrity.

“The Commission wishes to assure the Ghanaian public of its unflinching commitment in the fight to sanitize the small-scale mining sector,” the Commission added in the statement.

This follows a video on social media about the unlawful activity.

Within the last two years, Government, through the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (MLNR) and the Commission, has introduced several measures to deal with illegal mining, popularly referred to as “galamsey”.

The MNLR recently handed over five-speed boats to the Ghana Navy to patrol Rivers Ankobra, Pra, Offin, Birim and the Black Volta.

The move is to ensure permanent patrols on the water bodies in a bid to prevent illegal miners from returning to mine in our water bodies.