Executive Director of Ark Foundation has described as frightening the spate of human insecurity being experienced particularly, by females in the country.

According to Dr Angela Dwamena-Aboagye, domestic violence and sexual abuse among other threats against women and girls still persist despite numerous activism against it.

The situation, the Human Rights advocate said, makes the insecurity  

“Human security is important but if you think about the insecurity that goes on against women and girls, especially within the domestic space, it is absolutely frightening.  

“It is a pity to know that people who sexually abuse young girls live around the victim. In the last two years, we have delivered about five babies who are born out of incest.

“Fathers who have impregnated their children. Defilement figures are hitting the roof,” she said.

Speaking on JoyNews’ The Probe, Dr Dwamena –Aboagye divulged that one out of three women who have been in a relationship has suffered at least one physical abuse and about 27% of women and girls reported sexual assault.

“So we are not in a very pretty place when it comes to human security in terms of women and girls,” she observed on the Sunday show.

“Within their own spaces, this is where they are supposed to have love, cared for, protected,” she said on Sunday.

The Executive Director further called on government and relevant stakeholders to enact rules that will help reduce the frightening figures.

“We have to start looking at these numbers very seriously. At the policy, legislative and practice levels. We need to change certain things. Our institutions must begin to become more aware of these gender dynamics and start working with more seriousness.”