The Ghana Police has given a resounding assurance of its preparedness to provide adequate security for Thursday’s historic nationwide demonstration by workers.

Director of Police Public Affairs ASP Cephas Arthur told Joy News’ Dzifa Bampoh “we have put together adequate personnel, resources to enable us discharge our mandate as expected.”

Workers across the country will hit the streets, Thursday in protest over high cost of living in Ghana.

The workers claim the hikes in fuel prices, utility prices, hikes in transport fares and food prices as well as fall in the local currency, erratic power supply have made life unbearable for them.

The workers hope to draw the government’s attention to what they describe as “insensitive” policies being implemented and which is making workers poorer.

The government’s attempt at talking the workers out of the demonstration has failed. Not even a plea to the workers to reschedule the date of the demonstration which coincided with the second anniversary of the death of President John Mills will be accepted by the workers.

The police had initially proposed a regional demonstration, instead of the nationwide demonstration but that too has been thrown out of the window.

The workers insists nothing will stop them from registering their protests and bringing to the attention of government the suffering of Ghanaian workers.

In a striking departure from the initial posturing of the police, ASP Arthur said the police are ready to provide security for the demonstration.

He said if the demonstration had been staggered as proposed, the police would have had more men to deploy and protect the demonstration.

He was quick to add though that the police is ready to marshal the demonstration tomorrow. He explained each regional police command will take charge of demonstration in all the regions.

In Accra the workers will converge at Obra Spot and will march across the major streets of Accra before presenting their petition to the Employment and Labour Relations Minister.

Thursday’s demo is just the beginning

If government thought the demonstration was a nine day wonder, it may have to revise its notes because the workers say they will return to the streets if their concerns are not addressed.

Solomon Kotei, General Secretary of the Industrial Commercial Union said “if we don’t see any concrete steps [to address our grievances] we will come back again” he threatened.

He assured the demonstration will be very peaceful.  

Worse affected profession

Pharmacists say they will join in the demonstration tomorrow because they have been worse hit by the dire economic conditions in the country.

The Pharmacists say patients are no longer able to buy the medicines they prescribe due to the rising cost of medicine.

According to a member of the Pharmaceutical Council the price of medicine has gone up by 50% since the beginning of the year.

He said they will join in the demonstration tomorrow.