A private legal practitioner, Dennis Adjei Dwomoh says Ghana does not need new laws but rather rigorous enforcement of the existing laws.

Joining the discussion on JoyNews’ Super Morning Show, Thursday about ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes, Mr. Dwomoh said the value infrastructure of the country should be re-evaluated.

“In terms of the infrastructure of this country, we need to conscientize the state. People are thinking of physical infrastructure. Can we have a value infrastructure?  What are the value metrics in terms of this budget?” the Managing Partner of Law Plus said.

Expounding on the relevance of value infrastructure, he said that although people are seeking jobs, due to their lack of values and negative attitudes towards their jobs, they can’t keep it.

“People forget that there are certain soft skills that you must acquire to keep jobs,” he said.

He added that punctuality and timeliness are another value infrastructure issues in the system.

“Why is it that an FM station is able to keep to time when it comes to news? 6 o’clock news is 6 o’clock. 12 o’clock news is 12 o’clock. When it comes to other sectors, we cannot keep to the issue of time. So we need to have a conversation about the value infrastructure.”

Mr Dwomoh said that instead of government focusing more on physical infrastructure, more focus should be diverted to the building of the value infrastructure in the country.

“You can give us [Ghanaians] a bypass, an overhead people will not use it because their attitude says let me cross the road wherever I want to cross the road.”