Akofa Edjeani

Veteran Ghanaian actress, Akofa Edjeani, says it is about time Ghanaians and Africa as a whole start telling their own stories through movies.

According to her, Africans have good stories that needs to be highlighted for the global market.

Speaking at the launch of the Mime Africa Awards, Akofa Edjeani explained that the only reason why the movie industry is lagging behind is because of a lack of investors.

However, if these African stories are championed, it could attract a lot more investors who will also sell the movie in the international market, the Aloe Vera actress said.

At the event, she lauded movie directors who strive through the odds to shoot movies.

Speaking about the Mime Africa Awards, Akofa Edjeani said the initiative will push movie producers to compete for excellence because low-budgeted movies with no impact will hardly get nominated.

She said Africans have the expertise, the best weather and content creators, hence the only thing left are investors to fund projects.

She further advised movie producers to copyright their works at National Film Authority to avoid infringements that will go a long way to affect them.