Presidential aspirant and flagbearer of the Ghana Union Movement (GUM), Christian Kwabena Andrew, says he hopes to amass at least 50% of all votes cast in the Ashanti Region during the December 2020 election.

Osofo Kyiri Abosom, as he is popularly called, says the youth of the region, where he is currently touring, have shown immense support for his political campaign and quest for Presidency, especially due to his promise to curb unemployment.

“They are happy to vote for me to come to power because most of them do not have anything to do. They are just roaming about in the streets; they have nothing. So they have accepted to vote for GUM…because they know their hope is in GUM.”

Rev. Kwabena Andrew explained that in honouring his promises, GUM will revive defunct state own enterprises especially, to facilitate job creation.

“My main agenda is to revive the shoe and jute factories in the Ashanti Region, which can give employment to its people,” he noted in an interview with Joy News’ Araba Koomson on Friday.

The GUM flagbearer additionally listed the Komenda Sugar factory, Aviyime Rice factory, Kade Matches factory, and Tomato factories as major targets to revamp for job creation amongst the youth.

“We will revive the old factories that Nkrumah left and that have been abandoned in the bushes.

The NPP and the NDC believe in private enterprises, but we want government to have its own state enterprises though we believe in private support, so that it can survive some of them. But for government to leave everything to the private sector, we don’t support that very idea,” he explained.

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