Political Science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Prof Ransford Gyampo has cautioned against the sensationalism of the abuse of journalists above the infractions the journalist may have committed such that it demonises the abuser and entrenches the tyranny of the media.

According to him, such actions do not bode well for Ghana’s democracy as it seriously undermines equality before the law, and leaves people who are not members of the media or affiliated with the media at the mercy of those who are.

He said, “Equality before the law is a distinguishing feature of every democracy and no group of people, can assume superiority over others.

“By all means, Journalists must do their work but when they err, they must know they aren’t tin-gods. They must face the law too, but in a civil manner, devoid of high-handedness.”

His comment comes after the frenzy that has followed the alleged abuse of Citi FM’s Caleb Kudah by National Security personnel after he was filmed in a ‘restricted area’ at the premises.

According to Prof. Gyampo, who says his comments are not just informed by the Kudah brouhaha, but observations he’s made over the years, called for a discontinuation of the trend and rather advocated for the dismantling of the tyranny of the media.

He said, “We must deal with the phenomenon of media tyranny with the same energy we would deal with those who abuse journalists. Security capos must be civil, humane and law-abiding, in handling those who violate laws.

“But at the same time, no group of people can assert tin-god status over the rest of the populace. Even the Executive President, clothed with all powers like a political king-kong, cannot be a tin-god in a maturing democracy like Ghana.”