A Lawyer, Samson Lardy Anyenini has called for a presidential undertaking in the alleged assault case involving Citi FM’s journalist, Caleb Kudah.

According to him, that is the surest way to adequately effect recommendations made, not only in the case Mr Kudah but in any of such cases, going forward.

His comment comes after the National Security Ministry announced the outcome of its investigations into the matter and sanctions issued against four of its operatives for their involvement in the incident.

A statement signed by the Minister for National Security said a Committee set up had established that the conduct of the said officers was inappropriate and contravened the Ministry’s standard operating procedures.

Although the statement did not give details, it indicated actions taken against the officers involved, included a reversal of secondment of the Director of Operations, Lieutenant Colonel Frank Agyeman at the Ministry.

It also said “The three (3) Police officers involved have been withdrawn and are to report to the Ghana Police Service for investigation and disciplinary action.”

But, commenting on the outcome of the investigation on JoyNews Friday May 21, Samson Anyenini said a sure way to resolve the problem will be to have a presidential undertaking in the matter.

“Even before the committee is set up, we should have a presidential undertaking that the report, the findings and the recommendations will not be buried, and will be implemented when submitted without any variation.”

He noted that journalists in the country, over the years, had undergone series of assaults from security operatives, and therefore commended the Ministry for the effort.

Caleb Kudah was accused by the National Security operatives of unlawfully filming at their premises and detained, but upon his release, he revealed that the National Security operatives slapped and kicked him during his detention.

The lawyer, however, said: “If the Ministry wants to keep its credibility or wants to be seen as being credible, they can start by putting out a CCTV which captures what was done to the young man.”

He opined that the current move by the Ministry is in a preliminary phase, apprising that once the said operatives will continue receiving salaries, there has been no punishment at the moment.

“I have an expectation of a more substantive phase which will see biting sanctions, administratively from the parent organizations. A Colonel whose secondment has been reversed, that’s actually no punishment.

“Then the three police officers who have been withdrawn, also no punishment because they would continue to draw their salary anyway, so this for me is the first phase.”

Since the initial stage of the matter, the private lawyer has maintained the journalist had not breached any law as communicated by the operatives since a signpost on a wall does not constitute law.

“Let it be noted that Caleb committed no crime,” he stressed.

Mr Anyenini stressed that the involvement of the President can guarantee some assurance that the right punishment is meted out going forward.

“We too, must not let things lie. If we take our eyes off the ball, I can assure you and you are familiar with this country that they would go back to their places and nothing will happen,” he said.