Banana exporters in Ghana have expressed delight in the recent trade agreement signed between the government of Ghana and the United Kingdom (U.K).

According to them, they prefer the British market because there is high level of awareness by consumers of fair trade and it would be difficult to get consumers in other countries to fully appreciate the value of produce especially banana coming from Ghana.

The Head of Fair Trade-West Africa, Edward Kapire made this statement during an interview with Joy Business while explaining the challenges producers and workers could face should the Interim Ghana-U.K Trade Agreement fail.

Fairtrade Africa West Africa Network is one of four member organisations of Fairtrade Africa, working with producers in Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and other satellite countries in West Africa.

The region’s activities also cover Cameroun.

They help cocoa, coffee, banana, sheanut, cotton, fresh and dried fruit producers across the region to get better trade terms, access markets and build their capacity in social infrastructure.