George Quaye, Public Relations Officer of Charter House, organizers of the annual Ghana Music Awards, says the event house released the voting results because the public asked for it.

“It is an award scheme for the people and by the people so when the people speak, you just ponder over it, discuss it with a much larger partnership and then if it inures to the benefit of the scheme and it’s not going to harm it in any way you do what the public is asking for,” George said.

He gave the explanation during an interview on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz with KMJ.

Organizers of the awards released the voting results of the awards on Sunday 29, 2016 on the back of calls by industry persons and the general public to make it public.

Even though people are questioning the credibility of the results, George said that, the coalition was done by auditing firm KPMG and believes that the firm will not compromise their integrity.

He said, “this is a total coalition of public vote and academy vote. If anybody challenges it, I’m sure when you speak to KPMG, they can show you the numbers that came and what led to the compilation that has given us the percentages.”

On calls by the public to rather display the results on the day of the event, George said, “Whether putting the results out was late or not is not necessary, displaying it on the day is also being discussed.”

He continued that, “Charter House and the VGMA has always been a listening organization. People talked about our timing this year, the time was spot on, people talked about too many performances this year the performances were a lot less, people talked about looking emcees that will deliver, this year emcees did deliver.”