The Deputy General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) says the lives of frontline workers fighting the coronavirus, are more important than the life package insurance announced by government.

Dr Titus Beyuo said on Joy FM’s Newsnite Monday that although the decision by government is welcoming, the wish of all health workers is to prevent getting infected or die from the virus.

For that to happen, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) must be available for health workers in these critical times, when cases of the pandemic are continuously on the rise in the country, he stated.

“We value our lives more than getting that insurance package, and for that, the essential requirement is the PPEs to protect our members and protect health workers.

“So that the risk of even getting infected or possible death is at a minimised level as far as this is concerned.”

Dr Beyuo further called for the quick disbursement of PPEs to all health facilities across the country.

According to him, although government and other philanthropists have procured protective suits for health workers, the local production of PPEs is a laudable initiative since the merchandise is gradually becoming scarce on the global market.

“I think local production [of the PPEs] is going to be what we see as a more lasting solution because, there is a global shortage so even on the international market it is difficult to come by.

“If the local production is earnestly done, there can be a sustained supply to meet our increasing demand in the coming days,” he stated.

On Sunday, President Nana Akufo-Addo in a televised national address announced that several packages have been put in place to motivate those at the forefront of the Covid- 19 fight in the country.

“An insurance package with an assured sum of GHS 350,000 for each health personnel and allied professional at the forefront of the fight, has been put in place with a daily allowance of GHS 150 being paid to contact tracers.

“Government has also decided that all health workers will not pay tax on their emoluments for the next three months that is April, May, June,” he said during his delivery.

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