A controversial website is to offer “celebrity sperm” for £15,000 to fame-obsessed women desperate for a star child.

The Fame Daddy site, which promises “top quality celebrity surrogate fathers” including footballers, actors and rock stars, is to launch next year

It claims it will have 40 different donors for women to choose from, including a former professional footballer, an actor, a genius, a rock star and an aristocrat.

Donors will remain anonymous – but would-be mums will be able to identify their area of achievement and other personal attributes

Fees start at £15k but the website claims the investment will provide them with “a proven winner” who will get “a head start in life”.

Fame Daddy boss Dan Richards admitted that the clinic has no real sperm samples “as of yet”.

However he said that the site’s register of possible donors already includes a retired ATP tennis pro, retired English cricketers and a multi-platinum recording artists.

Mr Richards said: “Our vision is to help women give their children the very best chance in life.

“To be able to harvest potential from the global gene pool, rather than from the more limited selection of the men she comes into direct contact with, is a major evolutionary leap for women.

“Whether it is talent on the stage or pitch, having a world-beating voice, or just being very beautiful, Fame Daddy will have the perfect celebrity surrogate daddy.”


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