Head of Corporate Affairs at the National Identification Authority, Abudu Abdul-Ganiyu

The National Identification Authority (NIA) says it will soon complete the establishment of its national and district offices across the country to increase registration of and access to the Ghana Card.

According to the Head of Corporate Affairs, Abudu Abdul-Ganiyu, the move will allow persons aged 15 years and above to walk into any of these offices to register for their cards.

He added, “issues of replacement, loss or damage of cards, and even individuals who want to update their cards [can be attended to] once the offices are duly established.

Speaking on Prime Morning on the Joy Prime channel on Monday, Abdul-Ganiyu assured that people who have yet to register for the card will exercise restraint as plans are being put in place to build offices closer to them.

Meanwhile, “what has delayed the process [of getting these offices built] has to do with the recruitment process that we have to go through.”

He indicated that as soon as the recruitment processes are dealt with, the officers will be trained to ensure smooth and effective management of the offices.

Updating and replacing Ghana Card

Citizens who have lost their cards or have changed their names, after doing a gazette or swearing an affidavit, are allowed to update their Ghana Cards and order for new ones to be printed for them.

Mr Abdul-Ganiyu said aside from the names, which may be updated, all other details of the individuals will remain the same as was earlier captured.

He, however, disclosed that any update that will lead to the printing of a new card will attract a cost of ¢30.

“[For] an update that leads to the printing of a new card, you’ll pay ¢30, but registration of the Ghana Card is free.”

“For someone who has lost the card and that card also needs to be replaced, such person must go to the police station, report that the card is lost and the person will be issued with what we call the police extract. Then, the NIA can print a new card for the person; the person also pays ¢30,” he added.

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