Ghanaians will know the ultimate prize winner of the maiden MTN Ayoba Hackathon 2021 today.

The competition launched by MTN Ghana is giving local app developers, start-ups and businesses the opportunity to develop micro-apps fit for the Ayoba Super App.

 The Hackathon gives participants the opportunity to benefit from the digitization agenda being pursued by MTN.

The winner will be announced among the top five app developers which will be streamed live on Facebook.

He or she will receive ¢20,000.00 to support his/her project, while second and third place winners will receive ¢10,000 and ¢8,000 respectively.

Also, all other apps in the competition would be given the opportunity to leverage the Ayoba Super platform to promote their Apps, according to officials of MTN Ghana.

Additionally, the young Ghanaian app developers during the competition presented key solutions in FinTech, HealthTech, FoodTech and various other sectors to the delight of the judges.

Some of the participants presented their app solutions in person whiles others did theirs via zoom.

Key apps

Health Management App where patients can easily talk to their doctors via a platform that has the patients’ health history is one of the outstanding apps.

Another app that was looked to solve the problem of getting information from all schools in Ghana was also demonstrated during the competition.

As at 10th September this year, 26 participants out of 171 enrolled applicants presented their apps to the panel judge during a virtual event.

Various activities

Various activities including a special two day webinar has been organized for successful applicants. Selected participants are currently going through guidance and mentorship sessions with their coaches who are providing tech, UI/UX, and business support.

After the mentorship session, participants submitted their apps for review by the technical coaches and the 26 successful participants were shortlisted and submitted to a panel of judges.

The top five apps have selected to present to the panel of judges where the ultimate winner and other winners will announced on Friday, 17 September, 2021 (today).

Speaking on the Hackathon, the Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Ghana Noel Kojo-Ganson said: “As part of MTN’s Ambition 2025, the business is ably positioning itself to be a digital company and projects such as the Ayoba Hackathon will help to set the tone for the total transformation of the business into a digital business.”

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