Read full text of a position taken by CPP Youth League as Ghana celebrated Founder’s day on 21 September 2013.

The struggle of the Ghanaian masses for national liberation, independence and sovereignty from the criminal system of British colonialism was synthesized into Republic Day, which resulted from the process of freely voting for a Constituent Assembly by the masses to draft an independent Constitution and then by enacting the 1960 Constitution on 1st July 1960 by a yes vote of 88.47% in a national plebiscite and then again with a yes vote of 99.91% in a national referendum on 31st January 1964.

Kwame Nkrumah (CPP) was elected with 89.07% over Joseph Boakye Danquah (UP) 10.93%, to fulfil the mandate of the Ghanaian masses and the CPP was voted as the National Party of Ghana through this method of national plebiscite and referendum, based on the Constitution drafted by the elected Constituent Assembly.

This is in sharp contrast to the murder, violence and treason of the CIA sponsored ‘National Liberation Council (NLC)’ which Nkrumah described in the following words, “…guns and bayonets have become the law-makers of Ghana…2,500 murdered; more than 3000 wounded, tortured and maimed, the savage rapes perpetuated against the women of Ghana; these are sins and crimes which cry to heaven for just retribution.” Kotoka shot Major General Barwah, Army Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Defense Staff, in cold blood at point blank range in the presence of his wife and children; along with the murder of seven security officers.

These murders were done with the intention of imposing a neo-colonial military dictatorship on the Ghanaian masses through the NLC Proclamation giving the NLC powers to decree laws with no mandate from Ghanaians. Because of their counter-revolutionary ideology, bourgeoisie class interest, lack of education and political inexperience, they followed the instructions of the US government, IMF and CIA and assumed the powers to make laws for Ghanaians. This national crime is illustrated by 24th February 1966.


These criminal mercenaries, the NLC, converted their murder, violence and treason, to enthrone their US neo-colonial master’s interest, along with their indigenous bourgeois officer’s class interest, onto a criminal document of treason titled, “Proclamation for the Constitution of a National Liberation Council for the Administration of Ghana and for other matters connected therewith.”

Kwame Nkrumah described the said document:

“In a proclamation published on 26th February 1966 the people of Ghana were told that the Constitution had been suspended and that a ‘National Liberation Council’ had been established which constituted the new government of Ghana. According to this proclamation, I and all my ministers were dismissed from office, the National Assembly was dissolved, and the Convention People’s Party disbanded. Further, the “NLC” assumed full powers to make and issue decrees “which shall have the force of law in Ghana” and to appoint committees to administer their “affairs of state.”

The criminals who authored this document are, JA Ankrah, Chairman (Army), JWK Harlley, Deputy Chairman, (Police), EK Kotoka, Member (Army), BA Yakubu, Member, (Police), AK Ocran, Member, (Army), JE Nunoo, Member, (Police), AA Afrifa, Member, (Army), AK Deku, Member, (Police). Nkrumah asked, “Do these murderous renegades imagine that they will never have to give account to the people of Ghana for these crimes; murder, brigandage, rape, and the bullet torn corpses they bury at night on the Accra beaches?”


Fellow Ghanaians, the basis for the 1992 Constitution is in this criminal neo-colonial dictatorship and its foundation is from the criminal document authored by the ‘National Liberation Council,’ titled “Proclamation for the Constitution of a National Liberation Council for the Administration of Ghana and for other matters connected therewith.” In order to get a clear picture we must sequence from this notorious document to the present 1992 Constitution.

The Proclamation Decree was used to: a) suspend the 1960 Constitution for the seizure of legislative and judicial powers from Ghanaians, b) to eliminate the Power of Ghanaians to elect their Constituent Assembly to draft their own Constitution, c) to repress Pan-Africanism and socialism, and dissolve and ban the CPP in order to take political power, d) and to dissolve its mass organs of the working masses which enabled the Ghanaian masses to control the nation with sovereignty.

All CPP leadership were captured, jailed or murdered, and Ghanaians were ordered to turn over all photos, books, and materials associated with Kwame Nkrumah and the CPP. Freedom fighters from other parts of Africa and the world were captured, brutalized and sent to hostile regimes to be possibly tortured or killed along with the seizure of the Bureau of African Affairs and African Affairs Centre and their denigration before the imperialist media.


The Proclamation Decree was used to ban all political activity with Preservation of Public Peace Decree NLCD 3 to dominate politics with military violence, they set up an economic committee with NLCD 4 to eliminate the 7 Year Development Plan and socialist economy which were approved by the National Assembly and citizens and to go to Washington to receive instructions from the International Monetary Fund as the new master of Ghana’s economy [although the committee Chairman E. N. Omaboe stated that the Ghanaian socialist economy was strong] , they decreed a Forfeiture of Assets Decree NLCD 23 to seize all the CPP and national property in order to sell them to foreign capitalist investors in a shift from a public sector Ghanaian controlled economy to a private sector foreign controlled economy, they appointed and paid two politicians that had been rejected with less than 10% votes in elections over a 15 year period, Edward Akuffo Addo and Kofi Abrefa Busia , as the national leaders of the NLC Political Committee with NLCD 59.

It was to politically facilitate the NLC neo-colonial military politics, they imposed a Prohibition of Rumours Decree 92 to threaten all critics of their dictatorship with violence and arrest, they revised the Armed Forces Act with NLCD 178 and banned strikes as ‘subversion’ and a capital offense punishable by death to strengthen foreign exploitation of Ghanaian workers along with wage freezes, retrenchment, and murder of workers.

Nkrumah was vilified and criminalized along with the CPP leadership with State Security Decree NLCD 119 which prohibits Ghanaians from communicating with Kwame Nkrumah and instructed them to report any communication from Nkrumah to the police station or military Commanding Officer, the Kwame Nkrumah Properties Decree NLCD 154 in which criminals and murders falsely accuse Nkrumah of wrongfully paying public funds [this despicable decree even calls for seizing of funds from accounts of “Madam Fathia Nkrumah, Gamel Gorkeh Nkrumah and Kasma Yaaba Nkrumah,” with the intention to vilify Nkrumah’s family].


The NLC appointed a Constitutional Commission with NLCD 102 to make proposals to them regarding a constitution for Ghana. The Commission was chaired by Edward Akuffo Addo and consisted of other leaders of the United Party. The NLC decreed an Elections and Public Offices Disqualification Decree NLCD 332 to eliminate all competition to their appointed political figureheads, Busia and Akuffo Addo by the CPP and all its associate wings and supporters; and to deprive all CPP members and supporters of means of livelihood. The UP members on the Constitutional Commission called for the election of a Constituent Assembly “by popular elections” to be “the people’s representative body in a truly democratic sense, “while maintaining the ban on the CPP with NLCD 332.

The NLC maintained the ban on the CPP but decreed NLCD 380 Constituent Assembly Amendment Decree and appointed a Constituent Assembly accountable to them rather than one accountable to the people of Ghanaian. This is how the 1969 Constitution was prepared to make the NLC dominant.


The NLC transferred their criminality into the 1969 Constitution by appointing their own Constituent Assembly to write the constitution and also by NLCD 406 Constitution (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Decree. NLCD 406 states, “All decrees of the National Liberation Council issued in pursuance of the said Proclamation, in so far as they existed on the commencement of this Decree, are hereby confirmed and shall form part of the laws of Ghana.” This converted the many NLC decrees onto the 1969 Constitution having the force of law.

It forced the Ghanaian state to follow a policy in pursuit of the thinking and interest of the NLC and their neo-colonial masters. It established the basis for constitutional order in neo-colonial military dictatorship. It continued the repression of Nkrumah, the CPP, Pan-Africanism and socialism and imposed foreign domination causing a flight of wealth from Ghana to the US and EU.

The NLC through their guns took over the position of Presidential Commission to control Edward Akuffo Addo and Kofi Abrefa Busia under the 1969 Constitution from 1969-1972 the same way they controlled them as the NLC Political Committee from 1966 to 1969. The Presidential Commission, not the President nor the Prime Minister controlled the political power under the 1969 Constitution and the Chairman of the Presidential Commission was AA Afrifa and the Deputy Chairman was Harlley. The NLC Presidential Commission “decides the functions of the President,” and the Commission can exercise “any of the functions of the President.”